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Enjoy a floristry workshop at Blooms. Take part in one of our seasonal workshops or book a private session for your group or event.


Floristry workshops are an excellent way to learn about the world of flowers and explore the art of arranging them. These workshops provide a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the world of floral design and learn how to care for different types of flowers to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

During these workshops, participants can learn a variety of techniques, such as flower arrangement, bouquet-making, and floral decoration, and receive expert guidance from professional florists. They can also explore different color schemes, flower types, and textures to create beautiful floral compositions that are unique to their personal style.


In addition to learning how to arrange flowers, these workshops can also teach participants about the symbolism of different flowers and how to create meaningful floral arrangements for different occasions. From weddings to birthdays, floristry workshops can provide valuable insights into how to select the right flowers for each occasion and how to make them stand out.

Moreover, floristry workshops can be a fun and engaging activity to take part in as a group. It is an excellent way to bond with friends or family members while learning a new skill together. And once the workshop is over, each participant can take home their own beautiful floral creation as a memento of the experience.

Overall, floristry workshops provide an opportunity to explore the art of floral design and create beautiful compositions while learning about the different aspects of flower care and presentation. They are an enjoyable and educational activity that can be enjoyed by individuals and groups alike.



Our seasonal workshops are priced individual depending on the activity. See any upcoming workshops below.

Private sessions for parties, Babyshowers or corporate events start from £30pp and may be based in the number of participants.

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