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We’re very lucky to be situated less than half a mile from the Hollybank Woods, part of the ancient forest of Bere. Accessed via the top of Hollybank Lane, the woods are cared for by a ranger and his team and features a variety of rich woodland areas of King Henry 8th’s Oaks to dense fir and coppiced horse chestnut. There is also, as the name suggests, an abundance of holly! Locals believe the holly bank is the central raised bank area which is still visible in the woods if you look hard enough.

Hollybank Woods is ideal for a walk with the kids or the furry friends before lunch of a coffee in Blooms. The main paths can be quite wet in Winter so definitely bring your wellies. The woods feature a cross roads of main paths which you may wish to stay on if you’re not familiar with the woods. To the East is Hollybank House, a beautiful country house with spectacular rhododendron lined lawns. It’s a private house but also a B&B and wedding and events venue.

To the North is Emsworth Common Road which you can cross into ‘Shuffles Plantation’ and walk to Stansted Park and into the South Downs.

In the centre of the woods are some pretty clearings with ancient Yew trees and also the remains of WW2 training camps used by the Canadians. The woods are great for a short walk or to explore, climb and play! Spot the many Buzzards that enjoy the high trees and keep an eye out for Owls close to dusk.

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