Spooky walk at Hollybank Woods

This year our spooky walk is raising funds for My Sister’s House, an amazing charity that helps women in difficulty or crisis.

Start your walk at Hollybank Woods, the entrance on the corner of Long Copse and Hollybank Lane. The pumpkins will be placed on Thursday 28th and lit from 5 pm on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of half term. You can obviously take part in the walk during the day or at night time – although please go carefully at night and remember your torch!

The walk is approximately half a mile long. As you walk into the gated entrance of the woods (up the concrete path from Hollybank Lane) look for your first pumpkin marker and take a right through the log-pile stile. Look out for 12 pumpkins on your walk and note them down as you see them!

Please do not move the pumpkins or take the lights out – we’d like everyone to enjoy this walk! Let us know if you see anyone acting inappropriately.

We are collecting donations for the charity outside number 55 Hollybank Lane. We’re only accepting cash donations so that we can ensure the charity gets all the money we collect. We’re asking for a minimum £1 donation but please donate as you see fit. The collection box will be taken in each night from 8 pm.